Some recommendations for Posters at OR2018.

In general, posters should strive to be readable from a distance of a few feet and limit their content to no more than 600-800 words.

A standard poster size is (48″ x 36”), though other sizes may be accommodated, within reason.

A good starting point is to design your poster with fonts in ranges that let people easily read text from a meter, with the caveat that some fonts are harder to read (avoid serif fonts, if possible).  A general guide:

Titles 72+
Sub-titles 54+
Text 30+
Sub-text 20+

Montana State University Libraries will print your poster onsite if you desire. Color prints can be made up to 36” x 48”. If you would like this service, PDFs of posters should be uploaded to by no later than the 24th of May, 2018. Please name the file YourLastName_AbbreviatedTitle_Length##Height## 

e.g. Sterman_Upload_34by40

Minute Madness!!

Please replace the slide with your poster information on this slide deck