Open Repositories’ Ideas Challenge: solving real life problems implementing, improving, or sustaining open.

How to participate

At the conference, create a team.  This year we’ll be having a reception, so you can find other Challenge Participants there(25 W Main St, Bozeman). Find a time with your team to choose a problem to solve, this year we’ll be gathering problem from conference participants. Please use the curated list provided or if none of those ideas speak to you, your team can come up with your own.

Working with your team, put together a few slides, a mockup, wireframes, or even a prototype – the possibilities are endless! On the final day of the conference – Thursday 7th June 2018, there will be an Ideas Challenge Presentation where your team can present your solution to the audience. Presentations can be up to 5 minutes. During this time the judges will score your presentations and decide the winners. The winners will be announced as part of the Closing Ceremony.

Submitting your ideas

If you’d like to participate in the challenge, you can submit your ideas via the postcards provided at the registration desk or the Ideas Challenge table.  You can also submit your ideas online.


A list of ideas will be curated throughout the conference and posted at Please use the curated list provided or if none of those ideas speak to you, your team can come up with your own.

Ideas Challenge Rules


Teams must:

  • Include 2-5 participants – give yourself an interesting name!
  • Participants cannot be on more than one team
  • The majority of team-members must be present at OR 2018
  • Only one entry per team including independent direct lenders here


Participants looking for a team will be given a circle sticker.  When you pick your teams, come to the Ideas Challenge table and pick up a star to show your team spirit.


Presentations should include the following information:

  • The names of your team members and their institutions
  • What problem the team is trying to solve
  • How the team proposes solving the problem


Teams are encouraged to flesh out their ideas as much as possible; bonus points will be awarded for more fully fleshed out presentations (i.e. Fully Functional Prototype, Clickable Demo, Workflow, Wireframe, or Mockup).

Presentations must be submitted by 11:30 am MDT on Thursday 7 June 2018 using this online entry form.

Scoring and Prizes

Ideas will be presented in the Ideas Challenge session from 1:30 to 2:30pm MDT on Thursday 7 June 2018.  Submissions will be scored via the following criteria:

  • Realism and Sustainability
  • Problem Impact
  • Team Diversity
  • Presentation
  • Demonstration (Bonus Points)

The full score sheet can be found here: OR2018 Ideas Challenge Score Sheet.


Winners will be announced at the closing plenary session on following the Ideas Challenge Session and awarded small prizes – you need to be present at the closing plenary session to receive your prize.


For inquiries, please get in touch with the Ideas Challenge Co-Chairs. At the conference you can leave a message for us at the Ideas Challenge table in the exhibitor’s area, email us, or find us on Twitter.


Adam Field
Analyst Developer: Scholarly Communications Services at Jisc

| @gobfrey


Rosalyn Metz

Director, Library Technology and Digital Strategies at Emory University

| @rosy1280